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“King Prawn” & Oyster Mushroom Tempura
“King prawn” made with konnyaku root flour & succulent oyster mushroom are coated in a light golden batter, dusted with cayenne chili spices, served with our zestful cocktail sauce

Spicy Bali Stir-Fried Noodles
Fresh flat rice noodles & tempeh, sautéed with sweet & spicy coconut,  peanut sauce and vegetables

Rosewater Strawberry Cheesecake

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My experience.

Vegetarian Haven... or Vegetarian HELL
(I promised myself I would start the review off like this so, here we are)

I started off with the King Prawn & Oyster Mushroom Tempura and let me just say that nothing could have prepared me for that experience. It tasted AND FELT like shrimp. It was so scarily accurate that I almost spit it out.
The Bali Noodles were good (although they didn't beat out the appetizer). If you don't like cilantro please be warned that there's a decent amount of it in this dish. Overall it was pretty good but in my heart I was still yearning for another bite of that tempura.

Then... then came the dessert.
Our waitress told us that their dessert special was rosewater, strawberry cheesecake and I decided to be adventurous, and cheap since it was a few dollars cheaper than the dessert I was planning to order.

This experience taught me to stick with what you know. To stay close to safety. Never let go of your mother's hand as you're crossing the street and never turn down blueberry cheesecake for a $6.99 disk of facial toner. Yes. Facial toner. Cause that's exactly what that "cheesecake" tasted like. My friend and I asked if we could send it back but were told that we’d still charged for it us so I just struggled through the dish.

My rating:


The Space/Service:

The space was cute but let's move on. Let's talk about the service because I need to get some things off my chest. I think the manager took offence when we asked to send back our dessert and she came to our table and began behaving very rudely towards my friend and I.

I wasn't rude in return. I kept my composure. I still tipped. But I cannot recall every being spoken to like that at a restaurant in all my 22 years. The service here is awful.

The Pricing:

I'd say everything is fairly reasonably priced except for the cheesecake. You even see from the picture it's quite small and could fit in the palm of a baby's hand so (even disregarding the flavour) I don't think it was worth the price.