Vegan College Grocery List


I welcome you to take a stalkerish glance at my grocery list.
Keep scrolling to see why I pick this stuff up/how I use it.



Most of my fruit gets thrown into some kind of meal, the grapes are the only thing I usually eat alone. Banana’s go well in smoothies and oatmeal but I’ll grab them for a snack if I’m desperate for food and too lazy to stand in the kitchen for more than 5 minutes. I like to dice up my apples and cook them with my oatmeal but recently I’ve been obsessed with having them cut into slices and dipped in peanut butter.


The spinach is what really matters here, everything else might as well just be for show. Once spinach is cooked down or blended into things you literally can’t taste it but you still get to feel like a healthy queen getting your daily dose of greens. I put it in smoothies and cook it into pretty much everything. The mushrooms and the broccoli get thrown in wherever I think they’ll taste good (tofu scramble, pasta, fried rice etc.)


This is section for things that just need a whole category on their own.

Coconut Cream

I use this to make coconut curry when I want to add some flair to a dish that would otherwise taste like dust.

Uncle Ben’s Cilantro Lime Rice

This stuff is amazing. Throw some refried beans on top and you’ll lose it. I love having rice that tastes like I put in effort when all I really did was throw some rice in a pan and mix it around for a few seconds.

Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer

In short: this is the only coffee creamer you should be using.

O’Doughs Gluten Free Bread

This is the only vegan, gluten free bread I’ve managed to find. I usually get the flax bread which tastes just like the gluten free buns at Hero Burger. I usually go through a bag in 2 days because I’m addicted to bread.

Felicia Falconer