Toronto's Best Vegan Restaurants


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If you're not buying a pizza from Apiecalypse then honestly just don't bother. Pizza Nova and Pizza Pizza both offer vegan (and gluten free) pizzas and while they are good, they just don't compare to my sweet angel Apiecalypse Now! You can walk in and just get a slice (or be forced to order an entire pizza if you're gluten free but I mean.. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing). They have vegan dipping sauces, donuts and other sides that you can happily shovel down your throat along with your pizza.
They offer the highest quality vegan pizzas I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes and mouth on. I managed to convince my non-vegan friend Courtney to come to Apiecalypse with me and while she usually refuses to eat vegan pizza and stands firm in her belief that they're all disgusting, even she had to admit that Apiecalypse was sent from the heavens.

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This is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to, vegan or non-vegan. Doug, the chef, clearly had is hands and mind blessed by god. Cooking is what this man was born to do.
This place has vegan eggs that look real. I got a breakfast plate with a fried egg [pictured above] where you can crack the yolk and the "yolk" will spill out like some type of black magic. It's incredible. I also remember getting a cobb salad with a "boiled" egg on top it both looked and tasted like an authentic egg that a chicken had popped out into it's little coop. 
I don't understand how Mythology's food is so good, but I don't need to understand as long as I still get to eat it. Their *garlic bread is also one of my favourite dishes [also pictured above] the warm garlic butter and vegan cheese slathered on top will ruin your life because you'll never be able to stop thinking about when you'll be able to get your next fix.

*Their garlic bread has since been taken off the menu, I was so sad to see them go!

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I feel like the pictures above are enough to speak for themselves, do I even have to say anything? No. (But I will)
Their mac and cheese beats out anything I've ever had, yes it's even better than the mac and cheese at Mythology Diner. Their "Fries Supremacy" [pictured above] are reminiscent of the supreme fries from New York Fries. If you've had those before going vegan then you're probably throwing your keys and wallet in your bad on your way to Hogtown Vegan to have your taste buds blessed.
Their food is amazing the if you're gluten free you can request to see their gluten free menu so you don't have to be confused staring at the regular menu wondering what you can/can't order.