Jackfruit Tacos


I went over to my friend Courtney's house and we threw together some tacos. I'll be honest we didn't buy half the ingredients we wanted to buy and didn't even end up using everything we got BUT these are some
A M A Z I N G tacos.
Trust me. I would not lie to you.
The ingredients are so simple you wouldn't expect the tacos to be as flavourful as they are but they're truly a blessing to the palate. 


What I used:

  • Corn tortilla shells

  • Jackfruit (canned)

  • Jackfruit seasoning: chipotle sauce, cajun seasoning, chilli powder, garlic powder

  • Onion

  • Refried beans (canned)

  • Corn (canned)

  • Lettuce

  • Tomato

2018-04-12 11.53.50 1.jpg

What I did

  1. Drain the can of jackfruit then just rip it up into shreds (you can cut it instead if you're feeling fancy)

  2. Dice and fry the onions

  3. Put the jackfruit in the pan with the onions and fry it for a bit

  4. TIME TO SEASON: throw in the cajun seasoning, chilli powder, garlic powder & chipotle sauce

  5. Stick the jackfruit in the oven (400°F) while you prepare the rest of the tacos

  6. Cut the lettuce into shreds

  7. Cube the tomatoes

  8. Drain and rinse the corn

  9. Put the refried beans (and the lettuce, tomatoes & corn in a serving dish)

  10. Take the jackfruit out of the oven

  11. Throw everything into the taco shells and devour your meal

What you can do differently:

  • Use guac (If you watch the video you'll see that Courtney did but since I'm allergic to avocados... I did not)

  • Skip the step where you put the jackfruit in the oven (but know your jackfruit will be a little "juicier")

  • Use whatever other toppings you want

Felicia Falconer