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The Toronto Island
local organic tomato sauce, sweet pineapple chunks, hickory bbq soy curls, vegan bacon bits, plant-based mozzarella
*gluten free only available as a small


Vegan Ranch

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My experience.

I've had.. many a vegan, gluten free pizza in my day. Because of the limited options I'm often forced to suffer through thin, crunchy crusts that I hate but on the day that I walked into Apiecalypse Now! ... I left those days behind me.
When they brought the pizza to the table I had to ask the server if it was gluten free because the crust looked plump, beautiful, THICC. They replied, "yepp, that's the gluten free pizza" and I sat there for a moment in surprise and awe before biting into the best vegan, gluten pizza I've ever had and probably ever will have.

This tastes like pizza. That's the best way to describe it and this is saying a lot considering none of the gluten free vegans I've had in the past have truly satisfied my pizza craving like this did.
Since having this spiritual experience in Apiecalypse Now! I've been struggling to find a reason not to go back since I think about this pizza first thing every morning as well as right before I go to bed at night.

EDIT: The pizza in photos are not gluten free. I've since gone back to Apiecalypse Now, ordered another gluten free pizza but was given something that looked quite different. I'm a little upset since I did explicitly ask the server if they were sure I was being given a gluten free pizza and they said yes. Anyways, the gluten free crust here is still doughier than any other pizza I've ever had and my rating remains the same even though I'm in my feelings.

My rating:


The Space/Service:

Last time I came there was loud metal music (that I did not enjoy) blaring throughout the restaurant. This time, the tunes were nice and *insert an adjective describing the opposite of metal here*. The service at this place is amazing, the staff is so sweet and friendly they almost make you want to invite them to sit down and have a slice with you. 
There's not much seating downstairs but there are a lot of tables upstairs if you're interested in dining in.

The Pricing:

If I'm remembering correctly (I'm writing this like 2 weeks after I actually went to the restaurant, procrastination is a disease omg) the total ended up being about the same as it would cost for me to order a small vegan, gluten free pizza from Pizza Pizza to my house. Originally I was a bit bothered by this since I wasn't paying for delivery but once I took my first bite into the pizza I knew that it was worth it and the pizza (although it was a small) was pretty sizeable and filling (I had to take 2 slices to go since I couldn't finish it) so I'd say the price is justifiable.