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Chorizo Verde Taco
with poblano tomatillo salsa and cucumber pico de gallo

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My experience

I walked into this restaurant and felt EXTREMELY underdressed. I had to take my hat off to quiet the voice in my head telling me that I looked like hot garbage in this bougie restaurant with all these nice people. Mind you, they're not an extremely a formal restaurant but you probably shouldn't roll up to Rosalinda in baggy sweatpants and a stained t-shirt.

I ordered the Chorizo Verde Taco, which is made gluten free with a soft corn tortilla. I know all you gluten free gals are shaking right now.
When I finally took a bite into my taco my taste buds were caressed by the heavens. It's impossible to imagine how good these taste, you just have to try them for yourself to understand. The tacos are topped off with cilantro and I'm in a phase in my life where me and cilantro don't really get along but it just fits the dish so perfectly that I had gobbled up every last bite within 3 minutes of the dish being set in front of me.
I contemplated ordering another plate but I couldn't justfiy spending $24 on four tacos.

My Rating:


The Space/Service:

The staff is friendly and the restaurant itself is beautiful. But as previously stated, you might want to wear one of your cuter casual outfits when you decide to stop by.
There's seating all around the restaurant, some tables and some booths but you also have the option of sitting at the bar (which is what we did).

The Pricing:

This is the only thing about this restaurant that would make me hesitant to come back. While it's not ridiculously overpriced I feel like maybe they could shave like $3 or $4 dollars off the price of this menu item OR throw in another taco to make you feel like your $12 was well spent.
I was actually very seriously tempted to order another round of these tacos but my moral and financial compass wouldn't allow me to spend $24 on 4 tacos... it just... it just seems wrong.