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Truffle Mushroom (Mac 'N Cheese)

truffle oil, sauteed organic mushrooms



hand cut potatoes, herb seasoning


My experience.

I originally went in with the intention of getting the portobello since their website said it was their only gluten free burger. Sadly, I was informed that the gluten free option was "bunless", which means that instead of a burger you get an over-glorified salad.
When offered this option I usually always pass, and I didn't stray from tradition today.

I ordered their truffle mac and the server convinced me to get the fries as a side.
Their mac 'n cheese wasn't as good as the one I had from The Hogtown Vegan and unfortunately the truffle flavour was lacking. Every few bites I would taste something a bit "vegetably" but I didn't see anything other than mushrooms in there and a day later as I write this, I'm still not quite sure what it was.

I was also extremely disturbed by the fact that my fries had no salt on them.

My Rating:


The Space/Service:

This place is beautifully designed. It's minimalist, neutral colours with a splash of green from the plants lightly decorating the restaurant. I could spend all day in here. Just the look of the place had people in the street stopping to peep through the windows, it's so charming.

The Pricing:

Their prices aren't listed on the website so I was expecting them to be pretty expensive but I was happily surprised when I got there. It's pretty reasonably priced, I've got nothing to complain about.