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Grass-Fed Cheesy Garlic Bread
your choice of sourdough or gluten-free baguette is toasted until crisp, slathered in our house made whipped cashew milk garlic butter and topped with our melty cashew mozzarella.


unfortunately these are no longer sold at mythology. they were my favourite item on the menu and Iā€™m sad to see them go.

My experience.

The first time I came here I waited three hours to get in. I got the garlic bread and mac 'n cheese. Ever since that day I've been sitting, watching, waiting for my time to come back and indulge in their garlic bread once again. This is hands down the best garlic bread I've ever had (vegan or otherwise) in my life. It comes out warm with melty cashew cheese on top and makes you feel like only a real lover can. Next time I come here it'll be hard to pull away and order something other than the garlic bread but I'll do my best.
Please do yourself a favour. Get up right now (I don't care what you're doing) and drive down to Mythology. Order the garlic bread.
You're welcome. I've just changed your life.

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The Space/Service: 

The restaurant is fairly small and their operating hours are a little odd. They close halfway through the day then reopen at 5:30 (oh, and they're closed on Mondays). I wish they took reservations because if you want to be guaranteed a spot once they open it means waiting outside the restaurant before they open the doors but honestly... it's (quite literally) worth the wait.
The service is great, everyone is really nice and their bathroom is super cool. Sounds like an odd thing to say but.. trust me. It is.

The Pricing: 

nothing to complain about here.