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Pulled Burdock Burrito

wrapped in a brown rice tortilla and served with house-made coleslaw and pickles includes: burdock, guacamole, sweet potatoes, tempeh, kimchi, arugula, bbq sauce


Ginger Beer


My experience.

Before we move on I'd like to address what we're all thinking right now... I just want to say that this food wasn't photogenic but I did my best to make my subject shine, ok. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for this burrito.

The coleslaw wasn’t what one would expect to be served when someone told you they were bringing you coleslaw. It kinda just tasted like vegetables. There was none of that nice creamy sauce... just veg.

The meaty part of the burrito (I think this was the burdock) tasted pretty good, but there wasn't enough of it. I wish they would have played up the flavours in the burdock and bbq sauce more. Also, it was a bit difficult to eat because of how stiff the tortilla was, but it was gluten free and I know that little tortilla was doing it's best so I won't take points of for that haha.

Overall I think the taste of this food was very "earthy". It's the kind of food your annoying non-vegan friend imagines eating as they whine about you taking them to a vegan restaurant. But of course, everyone has different tastes.
I think this restaurant would be good for those who are trying to make more health conscious food choices and prefer more natural, earthy flavours.


My rating:


The Space/Service:

The restaurant is really cute, exposed brick walls decorated with paintings, thick white metal chairs and low hanging lights. I opted to sit inside even though there's back patio, I didn't really check it out but I'm sure it's just as lovely as the inside. The service was a bit slow but to be fair there were enough people sitting out on the patio that I was literally the only person sitting inside.

The Pricing:

I mean... I find this expensive. Especially for the size of the burrito. I appreciate that the entire menu is gluten free so that probably jacks up the price a bit but I would have been happier with maybe a toonie shaved off the price. 

The ginger beer was straight robbery but I guess that's usually what you should expect from drinks at restaurants.