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K&K Waffle
house-made gluten-free waffle topped with berries, hemp seeds and coconut-cashew cream

My experience.

I ended up getting the k&k waffle. I hadn't had a waffle in so long so I needed to do this for my sanity. I was kinda disappointed that "topped with berries" really meant "topped with blueberries". I have nothing against them but I was really hoping for a lil' strawberry action. 
Regardless, the waffle was good! I couldn't really taste the cashew cream after I bathed my plate in syrup but I mean.. I'm sure it was great haha.
The waffle was beautiful and so thicc it's gonna be hard to force myself to order something other than the waffle next time I go here!

My friend Delaney got their turmeric latte (pictured above), I had a sip and I must say I prefer my homemade golden milk. Shameless plug.

2018-05-02 07.12.49 1.jpg

My Rating:


The Space/Service:

I really like how this restaurant is set up. You walk in, grab your menu, park yourself on a seat & deliberate over what you're going to order for as long as you'd like then you order at the front (but they still bring the food to your table). It saves the staff the hassle of checking in on you every 2 minutes to see if you're ready to order and it saves you the stress of being checked on every 2 minutes when you're too indecisive to function.

It's also adorable in here. It's well light and covered in plants. I would let them decorate my next apartment.

The Pricing:

I think it was pretty reasonably priced. I didn't feel robbed & don't have anything to complain about.