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Fries Supremacy
Basket of fresh-cut fries topped with nacho cheese sauce, fakin'bits, sunflower sour cream and scallions.

My experience

I ended up sitting on the back patio, it was a nice day out. I had to put a lot of effort into convincing myself not to order the Mac 'N Cheese since I tend to just order what I know instead of being adventurous. When I asked the server if they could point out which dishes were gluten free he offered to get me their gluten free menu. I love when restaurants offer this since it saves me time and saves them the trouble of having to hold my hand as I decide what to order.

I decided on the Fries Supremacy, a nice greasy dish that reminded me of the "The Works" from New York Fries. I think it might have been a tad too greasy/sauce heavy for me. Halfway through the dish my stomach was just like, "Hey, listen.. I know you're having  good time. But you need to stop."
I still made it through the entire dish and don't get me wrong, it was delicious but next time I might ask for a bit less nacho cheese just for my stomach's sake.

2018-06-25 04.54.46 2.jpg
2018-06-25 04.54.33 1.jpg

My rating:


The Space/Service: 

The space is really nice, I think I prefer the patio to the inside. My only qualm would be that they'll seat up to 6 people at a picnic table even if they're strangers. As a shy introvert I... I don't like that idea but fortunately the restaurant wasn't too busy so it was just my friend and I alone at our table.
The staff was amazing, super friendly and... I mean there's not much else to say... they were nice!

The Pricing:

I love this place since they don't expect everyone to be vegan millionaires. Their food is fairly priced. One of my non-vegan friends was surprised that their menu items are priced similarly to non-vegan menu items. I hope certain places take their lead by making veganism more accessible to the public.