Hello 123

My Menu

k and k Waffle
Gluten-free waffle topped with fruit, hemp seeds and coconut-cashew cream


Messy Home Fries
roasted potato, cashew cream, smashed avo, sunflower crumble, coconut, scallion

My experience

Hello 123 is the brunch spot to end all brunch spots. Is this a restaurant or an art gallery, idk.
I’d actually already had the K&K waffle but from Kupfert & Kim. They sell it at a cheaper price so… do with that what you will.
As usual the waffle left me lusting for more after the last bite and dear god, so did the messy home fries. I know it’s hard to tell that there’s more than just avocado on the plate but hiding underneath are some bomb ass potatoes and cashew cream.

My Rating:


The Space/Service:

This restaurant is adorable. I didn’t get many pictures of anything besides the food but you can see how beautiful and cozy it is in the vlog. Looks like one of those places straight out of an interior design blog. The staff is really nice, my waitress was nothing but sweet.

The Pricing:

Overall I’d say everything is reasonably priced. But like I said, if you want to pay a few dollars less for that waffle you can head to Kupfert & Kim.


Get a better look at the food and restaurant in this vlog: