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Grilled Cornbread with Fresh Cashew Cheese

Classic Hot Chocolate
dark cocoa, almond milk, agave

My experience

Fresh definitely won my heart exactly 0.2 seconds after I took my first bite but I gotta say, they could definitely size up their cornbread since it was a Stuart Little sized portion. 
There was an option to get half a loaf for $8 but I thought "HALF A LOAF!? I can't eat that!" little did I know the portions were toy sized so next time I'll probably go that route.
Make sure you ask for the hot sauce because it transported my soul to a new level of existence.

The hot chocolate was pretty good, ad very instagrammable. Once you get past the foam and the warm chocolate liquid hits the back of your throat, damn... sweet bliss.

2018-05-02 07.12.51 1.jpg

My Rating:


The Space/Service:

The staff were really nice and they had a gluten sensitive menu. Yes. A separate menu specifically for people with gluten allergies. A god sent. 
The space is kind of cramped but once you take everything in (the chandeliers, the plates/glasses, the mood lighting it easily goes from cramped to cozy)

The Pricing:

It looks bougie enough that you'd expect to go bankrupt after one meal but I walked out feeling like I'd just committed theft.