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Doug’s Slam Platter
Your choice of sunny-side up or soft cheesy scrambled tofu, crispy soy bacon, toast, whipped cashew milk butter, two chefs choice seasonal pancakes, pure maple syrup and chunky potato wedges tossed in our house blend of seasoning.


My experience

I came here for brunch with my friends and two of us settled on the Doug’s Slam Platter. It’s just so much food… which is exactly what I wanted. I opted for my “eggs” sunny-side up but couldn’t have imaged how cool they’d be. The tofu eggs comes topped with a real runny “yolk” that you can crack open. I don’t know what type of Hogwarts business is happening in that kitchen but I’m impressed.
This entire dish was fantastic. For those of you that are gluten free, the GFO comes with tempeh bacon instead of soy but fear not, you still get real toast and pancakes!

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My Rating:


The Space/Service:

The service at Mythology is always amazing. The space is well-decorated and is probably best described as a mix between an 80s diner and a casual bar. The art hanging on the wall is so amusing maybe next time I go I’ll try to take some pictures of the decor.

The Pricing:

I think Mythology is overall pretty well priced. Especially for this dish, the amount of food (and magic) that goes into this dish is well worth the price.