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Fresh-Cut Fries

Creamy Chipotle Dipping Sauce

blueberry (cheesecake) with a coconut/almond crust

My experience.

I stopped in with the intention of getting some fries then accidentally talked myself into ordering a slice of cheesecake.
The fries were ... painful. It's not that they necessarily tasted bad but they were very salty. As in, each bite was like taking a shot of pure sodium. I had to drown each piece in sauce just to survive. In hindsight I probably should have spoken up and said something but I didn’t want to seem difficult so I just kept my head down and kept eating haha.

The cheesecake was good (they have a blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake but the latter isn't gluten free so be careful). I've had better, specifically from "Sweets from the Earth", but I'd definitely still order it again!

2018-05-06 08.48.47 1.jpg

My rating:


The Space/Service:

The staff is really sweet and I like that even though they wait on you, take your order at the table and bring you your food, you can just pay at the counter. I always feel awkward trying to wave down my server to pay the bill so that makes things a lot simpler! The space is really cute and I love the futuristic light fixtures they have hanging from the ceiling.
I originally gave them a 3.8 in my vlog but honestly, the fries were salty to the point where my friend Ashton said he thought his tongue was going numb haha. If they toned down the salt this would definitely be a 4.

The pricing:


The pricing for most of the food makes sense! The fries and the dipping sauce are really affordable but I must say I don't think the cheesecake is worth almost $8 bucks especially since the portion is on the smaller side.