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Chai Latte Ice Cream
*one scoop

Gluten Free Sugar Cone

My experience

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The minute I walked in the server started her pitch from the ice cream and I tried to resist. I really did. But the minute she said, "we have a new chai latte flavour... and it's gluten free " I was already pulling out my wallet.
For those that know me personally, you'll know that I've recently fallen into a deep love affair with iced chai lattes and this tasted exactly like one!
When I asked, I was surprised that they not only had gluten free cones but that they weren't ridiculously expensive. Instead, the gluten free cones were actually the cheapest cone option that you could get which made me even happier with this experience than I already was.
The cone was amazing, the ice cream was amazing and I seriously recommend that you try this if you're ever in the area.

My rating: 


The Space/Service:

The space is pretty cute. I didn't realize that in the summer they have a "garage door" at the front of the restaurant that could be opened to let some fresh summer air circulate throughout the restaurant. The staff, as usual, is extremely kind and made me feel at home as always.

The Pricing:

I thought the pricing made sense. I was glad to see that instead of being robbed blind because I had to get the gluten free option they actually charged LESS for the gluten free cone since it was a bit smaller than the others. Whoever made their menu has common sense and I like that.