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Pulled Jack

baked jackfruit sautéed in housemade bbq sauce with purple cabbage coleslaw, romaine lettuce, creamy ranch dressing and topped with one of our signature onion rings on a housemade bun

+  $2 gluten free bun

Banana Bread

with chocolate chips and walnuts


2018-05-26 01.09.48 1.jpg

My experience.

When I sat down I saw a real cutie eyeing me from across the room. Once our server got to the table I asked if the banana bread on the counter was available or if she was taken and just playing mind games with me. She was available, and that was the beginning of a short but sweet romance.

The banana bread was amazing and I would definitely order it again. It was soft and had a beautiful bread to chocolate chip ratio.

Now on to the pulled jack sandwich. 
Seeing a sandwich on the menu that was topped with an onion ring left no question in my mind as to what I needed to order.
I was disappointed that it didn't come with a side since the sandwich alone is $15 ($13 if you get it with a "glutened" bun) but I decided to look past it.
It was delicioussss but what I will say is it's nearly impossible to eat without making a mess. If you watch the vlog you'll see that from the very first bite the contents of the sandwich started pouring onto my plate. But it's fine, it's not about the mess, it's about the flavour and it definitely delivered in that department.

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My rating:


The Space/Service:

This restaurant is pretty cute, they're going for a nice hipster vibe with chalkboard paint on the walls, low hanging lights and mismatched plates and cups. It feels really cozy and the service was good. Our server seemed kind of confused about me vlogging but was kind enough not to say anything haha.

The Pricing:

The pricing was decent. The $5 banana bread was really well priced since you get an entire loaf, instead of just a slice. Although it is a bit upsetting that I paid $15 for a burger that didn't come with a side.