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No Honey Mo Problems Wings
twelve crispy fried tempeh wings tossed in a sticky un-honey garlic sauce and topped with sesame seeds

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My experience.

*shifts awkwardly in my seat as I'm typing*
I don't want to give a bad review but I also want to be honest. These wings... weren’t that great. I know they're just tempeh covered in sauce but I didn't expect them to taste like (plain, uncooked) tempeh in (a bland) sauce.
However, my friends did really enjoy their meals. Delaney got a slice of "The Fat Mac" pizza and Ashton got "Tater Tachos" (which is probably what I'll get next time I go since they looked amazing).

My rating:


The Space/Service:

Downstairs is a little cramped but there's a seating area upstairs that's really cute. It has a nice vibe going with some low hanging lights. Not particularly a fan of the music playing (sounded very heavy metal-esque) but I did enjoy the sticker wall upstairs plastered with Rick and Morty stickers. 
They don't have ready made gluten free pizza so if you want a slice you have to commit to an entire pie but they do have a decent amount of gluten free menu items that I'm excited to try!

The Pricing:

Reasonably priced. Nothing to be mad about.